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Hey, neat.

Please e-mail me at arguingwithadoughnut[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Please feel free to tell me about you, your blog, your life, whatever. It's all good. I'll read it.

If you want to reuse my material, please write to me and ask first! I'll probably be delighted and squeal "Yes, yes, yes!" at the computer in the dire hope that it will type out the e-mail and send it itself (it won't), but it's really nice to know who is using what. Also, because it's copyrighted. So. Let's not break laws, m'kay?

Additionally, please visit my FAQ. There could be, there COULD BE, answers to your questions.

P.S.: If you're writing just to be a jerk, I won't read that. So, you know, angry monkeys and jerks. No dice.