Saturday, December 18, 2010


Not even a little.

But I made this because I hit a new laundry low -- I ran out of pajamas and had to wear sexy lingerie. So just in case you were wondering how unappealing that is?

It is THIS unappealing!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What the hell happened?!

I'll draw pictures to go with this, maybe probably, but the following things happened:

I started a sorta-job.

Then I had callbacks and auditions.

THEN I also have a birthday on Friday.


No post this week, maybe probably!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leaving Eddie in a Tree

I was not always the amazing older sister you see before you. In fact, I kind of sucked.

When you’re the oldest, you get blamed for just about everything. To combat this,  you have to be cunning -- slick and savvy! You have to create ways to get your younger siblings into trouble. 

I did this all the time, but never so well as the time I left Eddie in a tree.

Eddie was not allowed to climb trees or go in the woods for the following reasons:

So naturally, one day we were playing in the woods he probably wasn’t allowed to enter and I saw a nice, tall tree. 

I pointed up the tree and said, “Hey, Eddie. Climb it.”
Eddie wisely said, “No! I am not allowed to climb trees.”
My evil little ten year old brain did some quick thinking and I assured him that I knew that and that was why I was going to teach him how to climb trees. With a delighted smile, Eddie scampered on up.

And I scampered the hell away.

I made a beeline right for the house and entered with a shout:

Now, I had predicted that she would be angry. I knew the reaction would be one of rage. But there was always a variable -- which child would be the recipient of the anger?

It was Eddie.
My mother blew out of the house yelling at him and walked into the woods. I silently high-fived myself for enacting a perfect “Get Eddie In Trouble” plan then quickly scurried to my bedroom.
I guess my mom got Eddie down somehow because he came home (to my ten-year-old self, what a bonus it would’ve been if Eddie had to live in the tree! I suppose I was hoping a little for this:

But he came home and we lived our lives. I’m sure he was mad, but what could he do? Punishment had been DOLED OUT. I had won.  I walked around gleefully for weeks.

My mom loved the extra help.

Eventually, we wound up in the woods again -- I’m not sure how. And I figured: This worked once! I wonder if it’ll work again. I was a smart kid, so I didn’t think it would -- but nor did it hurt to try!

IT DID. IT WORKED. He climbed up again and my brain exploded into a glittery rain of excitement while I booked it to the house yelling all the way.

I could not believe my luck. I could not believe my PROWESS. I must have become the queen of older sisters that day -- no one could top this. No one. I had TWICE made Eddie climb a tree. TWICE my little brother got stuck up there. 
I was agog when the scenario presented itself again.

At this point, I wasn’t sure if my little brother was stupid or something, and the glee was wearing off just a little bit. I still told my mom and he still got in trouble, but I think the shine began to wear off around the fourth time. 

And by the fifth time my brother got himself stuck in a tree. It felt too easy. Like I was cheating. It was time to find a new, more difficult way to get him in trouble without receiving any splash off punishment.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gingercat Strikes Again

I have a longer post in the works but as I toil away on it, I just want you to know that this happened:

I was upstairs working on THINGS and STUFF when I heard this weird sound coming from my kitchen. So, since I'm alone this weekend, I figured it would be smart to check it out. I walked downstairs to see the fracking Gingercat at it again.

He pulled his waterbowl all the way down the hallway into the exact middle of my kitchen.


Who knows. 


Now it is here:


Friday, October 8, 2010

Hackett Family Edited Movie: Braveheart

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of things. This included certain epic, life-altering movies -- Braveheart was one of them. At some point, a kind member of my family thought this was stupid and called my dad to see if I could watch it since I was "old enough". My dad agreed, but he put some weird stipulations on it that must have included no violence and no nudity.

So I wound up watching the following version of Braveheart, much to my ever-lasting confusion: