Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I ask you a question?

Email me at arguingwithadoughnut[at]gmail[DOT]com

2. Do you need a theme/template?

Clearly yes. Please email me! I'd love to hear from you.

3. What the hell is arguing with a doughnut?

This isn't really any more informative than this answer will be in a hot second, but take a look at the Facebook page and that will help put the following in context:

I think the idea of arguing with a doughnut is much more hilarious than "talking to a brick wall", so. Arguing with a doughnut! The next time you have to talk to someone who is just not "getting" it, remember that you're arguing with a doughnut. You'll smile, I bet.

4. Are you open to guest posting/link exchanges?

As of right now, yes, I'm open to it. Your blog would have to actually be something I read and the guest posting would have to make sense in the world of this one, but don't hesitate to email me and ask!

5. Why are some of your links hysterical and others about cooking or quilting?

Because I link to things I like! I love cooking/baking and an old family friend is the quilter, so I want to show her some love. Plus, I like quilts. So. There you go!

6. Why is this a thing?

Basically I wanted to make my own funny blog to read. I wanted a cool blog. I wanted an interesting blog. I wanted a good blog, a solid blog, a funny blog! I love humor, who doesn't love humor, so I figured this would be a grand thing to do: humor! And doing it myself was a great way to get all my ridiculous memories and thoughts into one place....  a comedy blog is a great way to waste time. Also, I don't really have a job.

I was inspired heavily by Allie Brosh over at Hyperbole and a Half and by sites like XKCD, Buttersafe,  and anything on my blogroll to the side there. My humor is my own, my stories are my own, and my images are my own. I use my Mac equivalent of MS Paint to create them and I'm still developing my own style -- I'll always be developing my own style!

7. This is not the best humor blog I've ever read.


8. Is this stuff all real?

Yes. There may be mild discrepancies between reality and my memories, but that's true of everyone and everything. This generally counts as a personal blog along side a goofy, silly blog with or without hot tips for beauty, fashion, and your LIFE. But yeah, everything in here generally happened to me (or.. by me...) at some point.

9. Hey! I found FOR REAL YOU on Facebook! Can we be friends?!

I love you. I love you very very much, but I try to limit my Facebook friends to people I've actually for serious met in for real life for serious. I do keep a very active presence on the Arguing with a Doughnut Facebook Page and I would LOVE to chat with you that way! Or via e-mail!

10. Your blog is JUST LIKE <whatever>.

That's not a question, n00b. But fine, I'll field it anyway.

Yes. My blog IS like other things on the internet. I don't know why that's a surprise.

Stylistically, the images are like those on the sites I mentioned above -- absolutely. Positively. But part of being a human being is learning by doing, by executing through repetition. Example:

Remember when you were in math class (bear with me) and you would read the example problems and then you would do a problem JUST LIKE THAT PROBLEM but maybe with different numbers until your child brain understood the mathematic principle behind it?

Art's not all that different. AT FIRST. As you develop artistically (MS Paint is now an art form? Go with it), you're going to diverge from your initial style, you're going to develop your own form. Artists (real artists, not this hack here) have been working this way for centuries. They studied under their masters and slowly came into their own.

So there's an English, a math, and a history lesson for you.


  1. YOu are a riot! And I obviously have issues w/the shift key on my keyboard.

    Take care! And thanks for making me laugh, which is much needed, especially lately.

  2. BTW, I usually use the expression "Arguing w/my shoe" instead of a donut, as it's a shoe which is smelly and arguing w/an imbecile just plain old stinks. I like the donut deal though, as I love donuts!

  3. Thanks, ChiTown! I'm glad you like it & hope you stick around.

  4. awesome :) love your style and love allie brosch. i get the "you're trying to be allie" often. but geezo i cant help it if i also wear a pink dress.

  5. Your blog is really awesome...I am amazed by your cool style..thumbs up...:)
    I really like your drawings...:)

  6. Well, hell, if Eddie approves it then all is well with the world, right?

    And people will always criticize MS-paint-like drawings due to Brosh-ness. Ignore, ignore.

  7. I didn't realize how un-original Paint-style-doodle blogs were until I thought, "Oh, I'm going to do a Paint-style-doodle-blog!" Good stuff though, the angry doughnut visual is great.

  8. Absolutely hilarious

  9. So why would you think actually I want to read this?

    I don't know why, but I do!

    U R funny and your drawings are one of a kind.

  10. No kidding with the "you're such a doodle-blog poser" put-downs.

    I started my blog (also hugely inspired by hyperbole and a half) a month ago and I just got my first anonymous hater... who says I will never be Hyperbole and a Half. (Great! I wasn't trying to be. =D)

    ...I took this to mean I'm doing something right. YAY!


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