Friday, September 3, 2010

At-Home Workouts

I work out at home. I do this for several reasons, the most important of which is that I don’t ever have to wear a shirt. 


Most of the time, working out at home is great. I can set the thermostat to WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT.

I can listen to good music, instead of whatever garbage Lady GaGa is producing with a weird techno remix beat.

I don’t have to ever, ever, EVER try to do those horrible class things.

And I never get hit on while I’m sweaty and disgusting and not interested.


So working out at home is mostly great. But for a few... things.

I’ve lost whatever moderate dignity might come from being forced to sweat in the proximity of strangers. Where once I used to wear clothes, I’ve completely abandoned the effort. Shoes? Forget it. Why bother?!

I have also taken to abandoning any amount of respectful quietude you might expect during your workout session. Example:

I sometimes use the Wii working out games. These things are great -- they kick my butt, I work up a sweat, but because I’m working out at home, alone, I feel that it’s entirely okay to shriek like a sailor when I’m about to collapse or the Wii didn’t like whatever move I just did.

And since I get to pick whatever music I listen to, I have a tendency to sing along. Of course, I don’t sing anywhere near the written octave. Because I’m a soprano. Who is singing along while she’s sweating on an elliptical.

Of course, the most frequent thing that happens while I’m “working out” is this rapid degeneration of the workout into me dancing around in my underwear -- after all, I get to listen to music I love. Why not pretend I’m at some really kickin’ ball and just spin in circles, round and round?

I’m also accosted by cats while I workout, another peril of the at-home gym. My workout time seems to, no matter what time I work out, collide with the Gingercat’s hug-gy-happy-love time. 


  1. Yelling at EA Active is surprisingly therapeutic.

  2. Cat hair is also extremely attracted to sweaty face skin, which is quite possibly one of the least comfortable things in the world.

  3. I very rapidly shower post-workout, fortunately.

  4. Still, working out is free (if you don't include buying the Wii with games) and does not require a membership. Major bonus.

    -French Bean

  5. Oh TOTALLY, French. Huge bonus.

  6. + like a billion points for working out at home if Mumford and Sons is the soundtrack. So, so good.

    I don't work out at the gym where I pay a membership because of all the uncomfortable. I don't work at home or else my family would point and laugh. I'd rather have a cat.


  7. God, I love Mumford & Sons so much. Do you watch Battlestar? There was an episode in the last season (I WON'T RUIN IT I SWEAR). Kara Thrace says that a song made her happy and sad at exactly the same time and a musician replies, "The best songs always do".

    Nothing has ever been so true.

    PS: My family laughs too. WHATEVER!

  8. I started Battlestar but I'm about as committed to TV as I am to... er, everything else. I got well into the first season, loved it, but couldn't convince anyone to watch it with me.

    But, that's absolutely TRUE. :)

  9. +FIVE THOUSAND for loving Mumford and Sons!!

  10. This blog is unbelievable! You're HILARIOUS!!! Seriously, these cartoons rule!

  11. haha home workouts end up like this for me
    haha awesome blog

  12. OHHH! TOTALLY yell at the Wii. It hates me I think. My cat thinks I'm dying when I workout on the Wii. She comes over while Im working out wondering why I am breathing so hard. Gets in the way and then the Wii yells at me. Its a horrible cycle. But I still love her for being worried.

  13. Whilest reading through this awesome post, I was listening to my music. And what song should I be listening to when I got to the you singing along part? Thats right. I was listening to Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons.
    Fantastic choice is music!!

  14. I like how I knew every song you were talking about.


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