Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Basketball is Not Kate's Forte

I rarely attended sporting events in high school. I don’t think I even made it through one football game. The reason I avoided sporting events was not because I was bored or I don’t like sports. It was because whenever I went, I would get hit in the face with a ball. This first happened at a volleyball game and I decided I just wouldn't go to any more games for the safety of my face.


At some point, a ludicrously adorable boy in one of my classes asked me to go to his basketball game and I've never been very good at saying no to the ludicrously cute.

So after rehearsal for whatever play I was in, I used skills acquired by watching “Labyrinth” to find my way to the basketball courts.

There he was. Cute Boy. Playing sports. And he invited me! Awesome! I started to find my way to a seat. But then...

... It hit me. In the face. I was hit in the face with a basketball at the game I was invited to by the ludicrously cute boy in my class. He was pretty horrified and I wasn’t sure if I should sit or leave so I jack-in-the-boxed for a minute and eventually bolted.

He didn’t ask me out again. I don't even think we really ever spoke after that.


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