Friday, August 20, 2010

Chaotic Baking

I love cooking and baking -- and whenever I can find an excuse to do either (or both!) I am all over it. Baking with me, however, tends toward the chaotic. Delightfully chaotic, I think, but chaotic all the same!

For example! When I bake, I don't really care much about keeping a clean kitchen. I'll wipe up huge messes as I go and try to keep it reasonable, but I'm no professional anything: flourpocolypses are common. Also? I don't own an apron:

(Please help me find an apron. And a head.)

The floor is frequently covered in batter, but I fortunately have servant cats who clean up after me. 

When the item is in the oven, I'm at a complete loss of what to do -- I know, in my mind I KNOW, I'm supposed to just LEAVE IT ALONE and let it be but it's all I can do not to constantly open up the door. You see, I just spent an hour or so prepping this product and now it's in an oven, doing its own thing, and it just doesn't need me any more. But I've still got all that BAKING energy buzzing around and I want to keep going, keep doing, but there IS NOTHING LEFT TO DO. Sometimes I wind up boiling vegetables just because I feel obligated to keep cooking.

When the cakes are setting in the freezer, I constantly check on it: "HEY HOW ARE YOU? STILL THERE? OKAY. JUST CHECKING. NEED ME? NO? OKAY."

Then, when it's all finished? 

I don't eat it.

I don't eat anything I bake! I hear it's great, very tasty, but I am just not even remotely interested in Stuff I Create so I have to try to pawn it off on all my friends.


  1. I totally do this. I love to bake and eat cookie/cake/pie dough but I am just not interested at all in the final product. Of course, all my friends love this because it means free sweeties for them. :)

  2. We're just so GIVING and GENEROUS. We're AMAZING.


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