Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gingercat Strikes Again

I have a longer post in the works but as I toil away on it, I just want you to know that this happened:

I was upstairs working on THINGS and STUFF when I heard this weird sound coming from my kitchen. So, since I'm alone this weekend, I figured it would be smart to check it out. I walked downstairs to see the fracking Gingercat at it again.

He pulled his waterbowl all the way down the hallway into the exact middle of my kitchen.


Who knows. 


Now it is here:



  1. Hahaha. How did the cat get it onto the carpet?

    ...also, is it sitting on a car mat?

  2. Man, I don't KNOW! That cat is nuts.

    (Yes. It's sitting on a car mat. Because they like to run all WILLY NILLY and knock it over, so at least it's not just all over the tile.)

  3. muahaha i love the giant cat mug you have

  4. Me too. I broke it once and INSISTED that it MUST be glued back together because I cannot imagine coffee from any other mug.

  5. Gingercat is a wannabe interior decorator! The feng shui wasn't right where you had the dish before :)

  6. Amazing that the cat didn't spill the water everywhere in the process!

  7. My cat used to move her water bowl too. Then I got one of these:

    She does not do it anymore because she can't move it.

  8. Your cat is amazing! It should be in a circus or something! :-)


  9. Cats have amazing skills. My cat used to steal my keys while I was asleep and basically hide them. He also liked to climb up on the desk and take the pencils out of the cup and walk around with them, eraser between teeth.

    Most impressive and never understood since it wasn't witnessed was how he got a flower pot that was larger than he was, up and out of its saucer and smashed on the floor.

  10. As the proud owner of two ferrets, I certainly know what it's like having animals moving things around on you. Those little buttheads steal my keys, my wallet, my digital camera, my socks, anything at all they can get those furry little paws on. It's a little irritating but I still love them dearly.


  11. Tsarista -- I wrote about that in the "Tasks the Cats Have" post (on the side there)!

    Christine -- Your graphic is adorable. And when I went back to inspect the damage, I stepped in a puddle.

    Ann -- Hmmmmmmmm.

    Anna -- Cats are WEIRD.

    Adam -- Hahah! Yes. That's how I feel too.

  12. My guess is that he feels the water bowl is too close to the litterbox.

  13. That is one naughty (or very clever) kitty! :)

  14. My cats don't typically move things. The dog, however? His "spare" water dish ends up all over the house. He will sometimes just walk into the room with it in his mouth and drop it, then cuddle it. I think he might be special.

  15. My cat used to drag his water bowl closer to him instead of taking one step closer to the bowl.

  16. I love this and all your people commenting are cracking me up. Thanks!

  17. ah ah!!! love cats and dogs!!!
    they always know how to make things difficult!! :)


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