Monday, August 23, 2010

What to Do When Your Bookshelves are Overcrowded: A Guide

Where do you store your books when you have run out of shelf space? What happens when there is simply no room? Don’t worry -- I have created a decorating guide to assist you based on my own overcrowded bookshelves and experiences in finding storage for books.

1. Separate your books! Store your fancypants literature somewhere really cool and prominent so that when you have guests, they walk into your home and are instantly wow’d by your cultural magnitude. 

2. Your sock drawer. No one has enough socks to fill an entire drawer, so you may as well use the extra space for a few books.

3.  Redecorate your entire home to look like your college professor’s office. This means you can just stack your books as high as you like. Also, buy ferns.

(I just want you to know that I got so carried away with ferns and books in this picture that I totally forgot to draw a couch or, you know, anything else. But I think that fits for this.)

4. If you have an extra bathroom, why not consider using the tub? It’s just sitting there, empty and alone. Fill it up with books -- but make sure to remove them before you take a shower in there one early, early sleepy morning...

5. That weird place under the stairs. When you can’t convince anyone to help you paint it so it looks like THIS:

Afford the ultimate payback by doing THIS:

6. It’s important that your books are mobile -- they go where you  go, so you’ll always have something to do if your friends start to bore you. Therefore, consider the following:

For girls, always have a purse that is large enough to carry around books. This way, if an evening or a date is "boring", you can whip out entertainment without any problems!
For girls or guys, having a decent library selection on-the-go is a plus. In addition to having ample storage space, the trunk of your car also goes wherever you (and your car) go!

Since guys don't have purses, here's a solution for you!

And an extra one for girls! 

Gee, I wish I had a book.

Oh, hey! What's THIS!?


7. When you're really desperate, try rooting the kitchen for space. You probably don't use it too much anyway, since you're always reading.

*Always leave room for a pie!

8. And the number one spot for your books?


  1. i put books in my husband's sock drawer!

    he complains. ;(

  2. I put books under the bed. So the monster won't have any space left.

  3. I like the photos of you finding books in your dress :)

  4. I want that dress!

    I admit to using books to make "end tables" and "nightstands."

  5. Marsandersen: I LOVE that dress!

    I should use my books to make bookshelves.


    Marsy: Thanks!


    This is what a well decorated house looks like.

  7. 6. I modified a coat for exactly this purpose.

    3. This is pretty much every room in the house.

    +. Ever seen what's behind drywall? EMPTY SPACE AND 2X4's. A little plywood and you have tons of shelf space.


  9. Unfortunately my car actually looks like that because I'm incapable of getting rid of books. When I drive people places they have to sit with their knees tucked up under their chin. But they don't have to pay for gas so it's okay. Right?

  10. Clearly they should be paying YOU for the traveling library.

  11. this post is amazing! i just started following you today (that sounds so creepy) and your blog is hilarious! I love all these ideas, my bookshelves are overflowing and now i have great ideas of where to put all my books, thanks! :D

  12. I only carry purses that are big enough to put a book in.

  13. I like having books in the house because it makes me feel more sophisticated. However, I have only one shelf with books on it, and my book shelves are predominantly full of music cds and horror/thriller dvds. What can I say? I get all my reading needs from blogs :)
    Also: I think it's really cool that you get guests at your house like Allie Brosh. I'm lucky if my own mother visits me. Maybe if I had more books...

  14. Some random thoughts:
    1) That is totally cool that Allie from Hyperbole and a Half thinks you're sophisticated!
    2) The trunk of my car looks like that. 50+ books in there.
    3) I actually do have enough socks to fill a sock drawer. The end.

  15. Ashleigh,

    Does she? I had no idea! I guess that is cool.

  16. Pile books on top of books. It's that simple. My stacks are about 3 feet high.


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