Friday, September 17, 2010

Facebook: THE RECKONING. Your Parents ARE HERE!

Hey, guys! I was asked to write another guest post for these guys; this time, the topic is “parents on Facebook”, which got me thinking. My parents are both on Facebook and it doesn’t really bother me (it’s nice, actually, because I can update them without feeling bad about not calling). But I am preeeeeetty sure my mom twinks at Farmville.

(Mom: Before you ask. Twinking is just like cheating, for the internet! But it’s Farmville so no one cares. Twink away, Mom!)

She also had the following conversation with me recently via a Facebook message (why not an e-mail, Mom?)

Mom: Hey, what do you think about a visit <these dates>.

Me: Yes! Sure! Sounds good.

Mom: How are things?

Me: Oh, good, blahblahblah. Did this and that. Blahblahblah.

Mom: How’re the cats/Brad/your house?

Me: Finefineblahbalhblah, conversation, etc.

Mom: Okay, well, let me know about a visit asap! 

What? Didn’t we already establish this, Mom? This isn’t a movie that we rewind and watch; the textual evidence is right there!* 

So anyway: for your reading pleasure, click on over to the guest post and embark upon the journey of the end of your Facebooky life once your parents join Facebook.

*A ludicrously adorable trait of my mother’s -- she can watch a movie, rewind it, and watch it again without a clue in the world what happens. I could be in it, she wouldn’t remember.

P.S.: Mom? I’m cool with you on Facebook. I used my IMAGINATION for this post.

Please click HERE for the guest post and enjoy a screenshot below.


  1. When my mother got facebook, all she did was post things on her own wall instead of other people's walls and play games like Farmville and Sorority Life. Fail. But the cute kind of fail.

  2. *does not admit to resembling this post*

  3. I've actually blocked my stepmom's feed because all she does is play farmville for about 16-18 hours out of the day...I relate to this post like no other.

  4. My mom isn't on facebook but my grandma is. She's quite computer saavy, actually. The only thing is I pretty much have to restrict her from viewing any pictures that I post from the bar, because I know she'll comment about them. So annoying.

  5. my god... i created two facebook accounts... lol ....

    hahaha... i know my dad actually stalks me with what's up in my life (not to update him but for him to find something to complain about me)

    so I usually update wall posts on stuff i intentionally want him to know... like I want a new Ipad. Wii Accessories or something ... HAHAHAHA ..... ;)

    parents on facebook is an advantage too, as long as you know how to use it's perks properly. lol..

    for me i use it as a wish come true list.

  6. ...And now I'm glad that mom lives out in the sticks and has no internet. Seriously, her town is so small that when I visited for a weekend it ended up in their "newspaper".

  7. Wow, Danger! I love that. hahaha!

  8. muahaha hilarious. oh siilly moms

  9. Most of the parents at my church have facebook. Mine are two of the few that don't.

    I'm kind of glad they don't, because they're really slow on technology and don't understand a lot... nor understand a lot of the jokes and things my friends post, and would be completely freaking and taking them the wrong way all the time.

  10. That was hilarious - catching your mom twinking on facebook. Blimey, social media is even changing our relationships with our families!!!

  11. I don't wear overalls! Really. I don't twink, either.

  12. Your little guy on Farmville does.

    A person who knows how to use the internet.


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