Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eggs vs. THE WORLD!

I was recently trying to tweak a cookie recipe to make it a little more healthy. The only stuff I found online to alter the recipe to a “low-fat” version called for me to omit the egg yolks. That was it. That was the only tweak.
Egg yolks.
Are not.
Things that are: sugar. And butter.
Here, I made you a diagram so you have a nice, easy way to remember:

Eggs are not bad for you and it drives me insane  that somewhere, at some point, eggs (and their yolks) were made into the bad guys. Everyone go eat an egg to stick it to the dumb people who think butter is more acceptable than eggs. Happy SUNDAY!


  1. Thank you for being smart enough to realize this. I also am annoyed with those who cut the egg yolks from their diet, because 'it's unhealthy', when they're ten times more nutritious than the ice cream cone they just ate.

  2. defense of butter here- butter is WAY better than margarine or (gag) vegetable oil.

    in our house we eat REAL food. if it can't be traced directly to a plant or animal, we don't eat it.

  3. Unless I'm baking, I don't really use butter at all. But for baking? You have to.

  4. Eggs are usually healthy.

    When fully cooked and not carrying salmonella,

    like the one I ate Saturday.


  5. Yeah, once upon a time, it was "The Incredible, Edible Egg." Now, the yolk is the cholesterol devil.

    We've been eating eggs forever. Moderation is the key, just like EVERYTHING else.

  6. While I agree with you on paper...butter on a crusty baguette??...oh my...hmmmmmm....drooooooooooollllll...

  7. people are soooo weird about eggs! i don't know any substitutes for cookies, but have you tried making brownies with black beans? i know that sounds gross, but i've heard from about 13,000 people that it's delicious! :P anyway... EGGZ 4 LIFE!

  8. Cole -- That's EXACTLY how I feel. If you can be moderate, you can eat what you like. But my big weird ism with eggs is that they're ... natural. So what on earth!

    Brie -- Moderation, like Cole said! Once in a while? Hellz to the yes.

    Jess -- I use applesauce in place of butter as much as I can. I don't really like brownies, but next time I bake I'll try that bean thing!

  9. When I was vegan I would substitute half a banana for an egg whenever I baked. You can use applesauce in place of oil, but if the recipe calls for butter you should use it.

  10. I agree with you all. If you eat in moderation, you can eat everything!

  11. Well I guess eggs are more healthy than butter, but I must say the thing that aggravates me is all the people who think butter is terrible for them, when it's way better than margarine or other substitutes! (when used in moderation)

    On a side note I heard a report the other day that fried foods are actually surprisingly good for you as well because they... um... lube your joints???? While I'm not sold on this, I find it interesting that the same people who waffle back and forth on food health have actually found something good about eating fried chicken! anyway good looking blog, I enjoy the fun commentary on food and other things

  12. VeggieT -- Thank you! Hope you swing by again!

    Damian -- But all I want to do is eat my weight in macaroni and cheese. That's ALL.

    Tsaritsa -- Subbing in cooking isn't so tricky. Subbing in baking can be a holy nightmare.

  13. I say, leave the egg yolks in! The calories, the cholesterol, the diabetic coma...those are perks. It's a cookie! I say this because I am fundamentally opposed to diet food, but that's just me. I rebelled a long time ago. This isn't to say that I am unhealthy. Far from it! For me, food is meant to be enjoyed. It's just not a good idea to devour the whole batch of cookies by oneself. ...Trust me.

  14. My mom and I actually got into an argument over egg yolks on Saturday. Eating them once in a while is apparently going to make me fat and destroy my life.

  15. Print her out that handy picture, Tabs!


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