Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Facebook vs. Twitter!

I'm on a weird Facebook kick, I guess!

Please enjoy another guest post at idaconcpts. This one is a battle of the two social networks. Click here to go visit!


(Totally unrelated parenthetical question. Would you guys rather the comments be something other than blogger’s platform? I’ve noticed it’s probably rather hard to carry on a conversation -- you don’t know when people reply. What do you like?)

P.S.: This will be my last guest post for a bit; I'm going to concentrate on bringing you some more all-original content so hang tight!


  1. Blogger comments are good enough for me. If I make a comment and I really want to see the follow ups, I subscribe by email to the post's comments.

  2. That's odd. On my blogspot blog a commenter can select a checkbox to receive e-mail if someone responds to her post. Check your options, perhaps.

  3. Are you thinking about using Disqus? I've been considering switching over myself.

  4. I find people drop their comments and rarely *want to come back and look. Those who do usually find a way.

    I think.

    I'm very lo-tech though so I wouldn't even begin to know what the other options are.


  5. Aviatrix: I think I have that option. If that's good enough? DONE.

    Tsaritsa: Oh, I haven't even begun to look.

    R&L: I agree with that; the comment droppers I get tend to be trolls. The repeaters I've begun to learn by name.

    So if this is good? this is good! Thank you!

  6. You're awesome, really :')


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